My life in 30 days, day 28

My life in 30 days, day 28 = A picture of something you are afraid of.

Let me first start off by saying that I cannot believe that today is day 28 out of 30, it seems like the time (well days to be exact) just flew by!

Now onto what I am afraid of. This is a deathly fear of mine. Probably my biggest fear.

I am VERY, very afraid of airplanes. I don’t like riding in them and I don’t like taking off, landing, or thinking about crashing. I hate it.

It makes me mad that I am afraid because I really do love traveling. Its not like I haven’t been in a plane before. A few bad experiences with turbulence and I am a big baby now :/. Any words of advice for me?!

Guess what!

I got a new swim suit 🙂 It’s Black & yellow for the Steelers. (On a side note, have you heard the song Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa? Better yet, watch the music video. Comical.)

Yeah, sometimes I lift … but I’m sure Becca could tear me up in the weight room. In fact she is training for a figure competition. You should check her out.. she isn’t eating desserts until August!

Oh yeah, I have also been keeping my New Years resolution of:

Walking Lola

I even walked her on this day, when the roads looked like this. Yeah I went to school that day too!

Sorry, it just makes me feel hard core 😉

I have a question for everyone:

As far as lasagna goes, what piece do you like? The middle piece, the sides, or the corner? This was a big debate with my family last night when I was like “I call the corner piece!” My parents were baffled. I like the corner because it is so crunchy 🙂



  1. I like the middle or sides of lasagna, never the corner. 😉 And I love flying. Your suit is awesome and so are your muscles! 🙂

  2. For flying if you’re going with someone you know I say hold their hand :)! But if you’re going alone you can always ask if you can move to an open seat and sit next to a flight attendant. I’ve done both, I use to have the same fear!:p

  3. I still have no idea how you northern folk swim…I’m in Florida and my swimming just collapses as soon as the temps hit…70?
    (I’m not a competitive swimmer it’s just how I exercise. I don’t run.)
    I love those notes.
    I have no idea how to conquer the fear of flying but one day you will HAVE to fly and God will be with you and hopefully it will get easier.


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