My life in 30 day, day 03

Hi everybody 🙂 Thanks for all the lovely comments on my hair cut and cute boyfriend! Getting comments made me smile really big.

Okay, I want to share a funny picture with my boyfriend actually… it’s a little old.

We were Mary and Joseph 2 years ago in our Christmas play hahaha. I have no clue why he looks guilty in this picture?!?!

Okay, Okay. Anyways. My life in 30 Days, day 03:

A picture of the cast from your favorite show!

Paula Deen!! I love her and her obsession with butter 🙂 I read this book (above) and I watch her show any time I can. One day I will go to her restaurant in Savannah .. one day 🙂

I want to read about everyone else’s favorite shows now!

I don’t watch tv other than the Food Network and TLC…. 19 Kids and Counting!! Sometimes I’ll watch A Baby Story, but I always cry when the baby is born haha.

Have a great Saturday, What is everyone doing this weekend? I’m Christmas caroling 🙂

Stay warm!!


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