Little baker girl + giveaway winner

Congrats to Tina for winning my granola giveaway 😀 I love reading her blog and learning about Baby B and seeing cute pictures of M!!

So, on Friday it snowed kinda bad in Pittsburgh and I headed off to school anyways. I slid … bad. In my truck. I was scared so I went home. Then I baked. ALL DAY LONG! Wahooo! I was little baker (and cooker) girl.

I made pumpkin spice granola, homemade honey wheat bread, butternut squash soup, and tuna cakes. I didn’t leave the kitchen all day (except for swim practice haha)

Hi, I’m Allie… I bake bread.

I bake bread next to my mom’s coach purse… ooooops!!!!!


Finished product:

Hello, I’m a little loaf of whole wheat goodness. EAT ME 🙂

Now for the tuna cakes!

Okie Dokie! Off to Church for me today!


Do you work with yeast? Do you hate it?

Would you rather bake or cook all day?


  1. I would LOVE to be able to both bake and cook all day. Dreamy.

    Your bread looks amazing! I’ve only ever made homemade bread when I was forced to in my high school cooking classes but I’ve been getting the urge to try it out at home.

  2. Ha! Retro Corningware!
    Those tuna cakes look yum….I’m off to google a recipe. (0:

    The only yeast I use is nutritional yeast and I probably go through a cup of it a day! I’m in a phase, I assume.


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