Granola Happy + Giveaway!

I have always loved cereal. I eat it twice a day and find no shame in that 🙂 In 8th grade I would eat it for breakfast, after school, then after swimming. Yum. So I made homemade granola and I may never buy regular cereal again.

Actually I have been ‘granola happy’

Yeah, those are 3 different flavors of granola…. made in 2 days… haha. What is even better is that they are all almost gone! (AKA: time to make another batch!!)

My 1st batch was raisin + coconut + walnut!

I could hardly wait for it to bake! But here is my word of advice; don’t bake raisins. They get crunchy and I like mine chewy!

I learned a lot from this first batch. If you want the clumpy granola, try adding in an egg white before you bake it 🙂


My 2nd batch was walnuts + maple

3rd batch (my favorite… so far) was coconut + almonds


I am feeling the sharing spirit lately. I really want to share my granola with everyone 🙂 You might never buy granola or cereal in general AGAIN! Here is the give away:

1. Leave me a comment telling me a cool granola combo you want me to make

2. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Sunday December 12th

3. I’ll send you some homemade granola 🙂


Have a great day!



  1. This is TOO funny, cause I was fixin to make my own ‘nola this weekend.
    Now I can be sure that I, like you, will fall into the addiction.
    It happenned with hummus and roasted nuts. Ruined me for store-bought.
    I don’t do sugar (for now?) so dont let me win!
    PS- Have you tried soaking the raisins o dried fruit in water before baking? Have read that in recipes. It might hold the key.
    Cuz…man. Granola needs some raisins, huh?

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