Hummingbird Cake

Have you heard of hummingbird cake? I hadn’t until about two weeks ago when  my mom mentioned it to me. Apparently it’s a big deal in the South, but i’m not sure because I don’t live in the South. (Wish I did…!!)

So, Southern Living Magazine said that their most requested and loved recipe was Hummingbird Cake. I decided to try my hand at it! Hummingbird cake is basically a white cake (with cinnamon) but also added in the mix is:

crushed pineapple

mushed banana

crushed nuts

(I used walnuts but typical Southern tradition required pecans)

It is frosted with cream cheese frosting and then topped with more nuts!

You make two 9-inch cake pans worth of batter. Cut each in half and start to frost! Above is layer #1 of 4)

TIP: Watch out for hungry puppies when frosting.

(HOMEMADE powdered sugar. Yes, it is possible!)

Layer it on!

Frost it up (With a baking spatula)

Add those nuts 😉 Ta-da! I don’t cake if it’s lopsided or messy! It took me about 2 hours and I loved EVERY single minute of it and EATING it! Mmmm 🙂 It was quite moist. (Probably due to the banana and pineapple?!)

If anyone wants the recipe, let me know 😀

Have a nice day!



  1. I live in the south and have never heard of it. Glad you posted this recipe because it looks amazing! I love the pineapple in it. Starring this recipe for sure. 🙂

  2. I think my mom makes something like that…though she got it from her weightwatchers cookbook so your would have her beat. So funny how cooking pineapple changes the flavor profile so completely, huh?
    I think you just put me in a mood for some grilled pineapple.
    With sugar-like chemical (I’m a splenda fool) and……Peanut Butter!


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