Tomorrow is Friday

Though tomorrow is Friday,  it isn’t really a break for me. Does that ever happen to you? Tomorrow I have school, a work meeting, swim practice, and a Church service. On Fridays I like to go to school, go home and eat, swim, eat more, and bake. None of the fun stuff will be happening tomorrow! Maybe Saturday… 🙂

My recent food obsession:

Egg Mc Muffin baby! I don’t usually have these for breakfast. I enjoy a egg on an english muffin for LUNCH. With tomato soup <33 Mmmmm. I have some odd taste buds. Do yall have any random foods you like together? My Dad like tuna and cottage cheese together.. eww! (Oh yeah, sorry you can only see half of the sandwich, the other half was in my STOMACH!!)

Guess what was for dinner last night!!

Getting warm?

+ Home baked bread

Okay, you have got to know by now!

Stuffed peppers w/ Parmesan cheese! The cheese is what made it. I wish I put more on. I have a problem with cheese… I love it. So much. Too much. 🙂

Oh yeah, I also baked these babies:

Chewy pumpkin biscotti because my cute boyfriend said he doesn’t like his biscotti to be hard. LOL. Gotta love men!

Byeeee 🙂




  1. Such a busy day! I’ve had days like that and I like them.. but they wear me out. Hopefully your Saturday allows you to do something fun and relaxing. 🙂

    A weird food combination that I enjoy is this sandwich – kidney beans, pickles and mustard. Sooooo good. My mom thinks it’s gross but I find it delicious!

  2. I was on an egg sandwich kick too. Then, I had one that tasted off earlier this week and I haven’t been able to stomach it since. 😦 Yours looks tasty!

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