Ecstatic over eggplant :)

Hello! Finally blogging 🙂 I love blogging so much. Almost as much as I love coffee:

In my little clay mug is Arbuckles Pumpkin Spice Coffee 🙂 Hits the spot!

Dinner on Wednesday was delicious. It was slow cooked chicken. 3 Chicken breasts boiled in pasta sauce with mushrooms and green peppers. I expected the chicken to be dry. Nooo way! It was fall off the bone soft and juicy! Mmmmmm. You know how pulled pork looks? When I cut this chicken, it looked like pulled pork 🙂

Plus broccoli and spicy French fries!

After it was all said and done it resembled ethnic chicken… if only I had included chickpeas and curry ;p

Can you guess tonight’s dinner? ^ it included egg plant…

And spaghetti ….

Being assembled

Eggplant Parmesan, yeah baby.

I ❤ eggplant. It tastes so delicious and it is really meaty for a vegetable! I am ecstatic over eggplant!

Does anyone have any favorite eggplant recipes they would like to share?

My recipe will be on my page labeled ‘recipes’ 😀

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