My life in 30 days, day 29

My life in 30 days, day 29 = A picture that always makes you smile

This picture makes me smile because I didn’t stop laughing this whole night!

My sister, Hannah, and I wanted to go to Panera Bread while my parents were on a date but we heard it was going to storm so we walked to kings. (Why?!) We were being SO goofy and hyper for NO reason. Every time the waitress came we had to supress the urge to laugh like really hard.

I took this picture of Hannah eating her chicken fingers right when they came to our table (after we prayed of course, hehe) and the second after I took this picture she WHIPPED that chicken finger down and was like “OW THATS SO HOT.” It was sooo funny! Now every time I see this picture I smile, really big :)!!!

Okay, yesterday I decided to make some sort of pudding concoction.

I started out wanting to make legit old fashioned banana pudding, but I didn’t have condensed milk, I only had evaporated. Dannnggg ittttt.

So I made a creative concoction of chocolate pudding, whipped cream, banana, and nilla wafers!

It is sort of like an icebox cake. (Has anyone heard of an icebox cake?!)

Here is the pudding concoction layer by layer and step by step:

1. Layer nilla wafers on the bottom of a pan

2. Slice 1 medium banana and layer it on top of the wafers

3. Spoon prepared chocolate pudding (or pudding of your choice) on top of the banana

4. Spoon whipped cream over pudding (you can swirl it as you go along!)

5. Layer wafers on top of whipped cream and up the sides of the dish

Here’s a side view picture 😉

6. Layer once more with whipped cream and ta-da!

Pudding concoction all done 🙂

Happy Saturday!!!