Mom and toddler daughter in swim clothes

Questions and More Sniffles

The sniffles Sadie had the other day turned into a high fever. Poor girl. We made the best of it by snuggling up to watch a few episodes of Clifford and getting outside as much as possible once her fever went down.

Niva made sure to stay close by. I have a feeling pets can sense when someone is sick. Either that or Niva was just happy we were sitting on the couch and wanted to join us 😉

Sick toddler snuggling momMom and toddler daughter in swim clothes

Do you have any good cold remedies for little ones? We put this rub on her chest and feet, cuddle and rest, give ibuprofen or acetaminophen for fevers, and use a bulb syringe 24/7, lol. 

I had a feeling I would catch whatever Sadie has and I was right. Meet my new best friend.

Sore throat spray

I was thinking about how this cold came with a sore throat and I had no idea whether or not Sadie had one because she couldn’t tell me. Time to learn to sign about sickness!

I had a few random questions pop into my head. I want to hear your answers.

  • Coffee or tea? Coffee, but I’ll drink tea as well.
  • How do you like your coffee or tea? I like mine with a bit of cream, but not too much.
  • How do you like bananas? I like mine on the green side.
  • Fiction or nonfiction? I prefer nonfiction but I’ll read just about anything.
  • Are you an introvert or extrovert? Introvert over here.
  • Hamburger or hotdog? Hamburger, but once in a blue moon I’ll crave a hot dog. 


  1. I hope you and little Sadie girl are feeling better!! Summer colds are the worst because you want to be outside playing and enjoying the weather.
    Coffee (lately with sugar free French vanilla creamer)
    I like my bananas right in between~ no green or brown/black.
    Definitely non-fiction
    Introvert to the maxxx
    Hamburger, and a hot dog once in a while.

    1. Thank you, mom! I think we are on the upswing! I agree, I couldn’t put my finger on why this cold has been so rough and I think that’s it. It’s just odd to be sick in the summer!

      Loved reading your answers 🙂

  2. Allie, I’m sorry you caught it too! Josh caught it as well, so far in just kinda a stuffy and a very slight sore throat!
    It always stinks that with kids and animals you can’t ask what’s wrong!!!


    Coffee or tea? Coffee 100%
    How do you like your coffee or tea? A little bit of French vanilla creamer! Or iced 👍🏻
    How do you like bananas? Bananas are definitely not my favorite fruit (may explain the Charlie horse the other day lol). I like mine mixed into a bread 😂
    Fiction or nonfiction? Fiction + the Bible (non-fiction)
    Are you an introvert or extrovert? Extrovert – all the way. I hate being alone.
    Hamburger or hotdog? That’s a hard one. I honestly like both. Hamburgers are more filling and satisfying though!

  3. Crazy,
    My answers are similar to moms, at least 3 out of 5!
    Coffee either black or a little cream
    I like my bananas right in between~ no green or brown/black and or in a smoothie.
    Definitely non-fiction
    Hamburger, and a hot dog once in a while.

  4. I hope you both feel better soon! Are you worried at any ailment being COVID? We haven’t had any colds since going into quarantine and I have a feeling that once things open up a bit and we’re exposed to more, I’m going to be jumping to worst case scenarios in my head whenever anyone in our house gets the slightest sore throat or stuffy nose. 😦
    I like black tea with lots of cream and sugar, green tea with honey, and coffee with chocolate and milk (aka a mocha :-)).
    Bananas aren’t my favorite but if they’re the slightest bit brown I won’t touch them except in smoothies which is how I consume most bananas.
    Fiction for sure.
    Hamburgers but I do love corndogs.

    1. Thank you, Amy! I definitely thought about the cold being COVID (more for Sadie than me because she had a fever) but realized she didn’t have a cough at all, so that was a relief. I have a feeling this winter will be tough with every sickness that comes… I’ll always wonder whether or not it’s COVID, you know? I hope you guys stay healthy as things open back up!

      Are you an every day tea drinker?! What makes you pick coffee sometimes? I’m so curious!

      Want to hear something crazy… I don’t think I’ve ever ate a corndog. I need to fix that because I like hotdogs and adore cornbread!

  5. I hope you and Sadie are feeling better now. 🙂

    Coffee or tea? Coffee, but I like herbal teas, especially peppermint.
    How do you like your coffee or tea? I like espresso coffee and I make mine in a moka pot.
    How do you like bananas? I’m the same as you — I prefer them when they’re not fully ripe.
    Fiction or nonfiction? Nonfiction, but I’ve just started a 1000-page fiction book so I enjoy both!
    Are you an introvert or extrovert? Definitely an introvert.
    Hamburger or hotdog? Neither (I’m veggie!)

    1. Thank you, Grace! I think we are on the upswing! Or at least I hope 😉

      Mmmm, you have me craving peppermint tea now! I always see moka pots online and they get such good ratings.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes bananas that are a touch green! What book did you start?! How is it?

      Yay for introverts. I should have given a veggie option … veggie dog or veggie burger?!

      1. Yeah, I always used to make coffee in a French press but I love the stronger flavour I get from my moka pot. I just bought some coffee from a Café Femenino supplier. It’s a female-run coffee cooperative in South America, helping women to build their own livelihoods. It’s nice to know that I’m helping them and enjoying delicious coffee! 🙂

        I started a book in Spanish – Dime quién soy (Tell Me Who I Am). It’s about a journalist who is investigating his great-grandmother’s past at the time of the Spanish Civil War. I’m really enjoying it!

        Ooh, I think veggie dog, with lots of pickles on the side!

  6. Hopefully you are both feeling much better by now! It’s so tough when little ones are sick and can’t tell us everything that’s bothering them!

    1. Oh! And the answers:

      Coffee or tea? Up until just recently I would have said coffee 100%! But Starbucks just quit carrying my sugar free mocha sauce and I’m a little heartbroken. I’ve turned to tea during this time of loss. 😉 I found that I love the Teavana Beach Bellini tea that you make at home (I’ve seen it in our Targets and grocery stores). So that’s my current drink of choice.

      How do you like your coffee or tea? I like the Teavana tea iced!

      How do you like bananas? Ripe for eating! And then SUPER ripe for baking or smoothies. The only purpose green bananas serve is to sit on my counter until they ripen. 😉

      Fiction or nonfiction? Lately nonfiction

      Are you an introvert or extrovert? I’m somewhere in between. I’ve always scored right in between the two when I take personality tests.

      Hamburger or hotdog? Hamburger!

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