The Best Things I Bought on Amazon in 2018

Is anyone else addicted to Amazon Prime? The free two day shipping gets me every time!

I thought it would be fun to look through my Amazon orders for 2018 and share the best items I bought. Embarrassingly, I purchased (and enjoyed!) enough stuff that I’m organizing it all into categories 🙂

For The Home

Best Amazon products for the home

Magnetic Key Rack –> It’s a set of magnets that attach to the place where a screw goes in a light switch plate. It’s super convenient because we always turn out our lights and grab our keys from the rack before we leave the house!

Outlet Shelf –> This little shelf replaces an outlet plate and holds up to ten pounds! We use it to hold our Echo Dot so it’s not taking up space on the side table in our living room.

High Arc Pull Out Faucet –> I love the look of our new black faucet (it comes in three other finishes, too) and it has worked well since we installed it in June.

Automatic Milk Frother –> This might be my favorite purchase of 2018, LOL. This milk frother is just amazing! I use it multiple times a day and it’s easy to clean.

Mop and Broom Holder –> This is mounted inside our closet and holds all of our brooms, vacuum attachments, and mop. It saves a lot of space, which is key for us!

Detail Brush –> Someday I’ll stop talking about how much I love this little tool, but today is not that day. I have one in our bathroom and one in the kitchen and use them to get in the hard-to-reach places in the sinks, toilet, and shower.

3-Piece Oversized Bedspread –> I bought this king-sized comforter for our master bedroom overhaul and we still love it! It was less than $50 and it’s machine washable. Win-win!

Food and Drink

Best food and drinks to order on Amazon

Jay Robb Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder –> Gestational diabetes had this carb-loving gal looking for extra sources of protein that were safe during pregnancy. My search led me to this protein powder. I liked the chocolate and strawberry flavors the best.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle –> It seems as though my quest for the perfect water bottle may have come to an end! I’ve been using this for a few weeks and have no complaints.

Torani Syrup –> Great in iced coffee! I bought the vanilla and caramel flavors over the summer.

Peanut Butter & Co. Top Sellers Variety Pack –> Oh how I love peanut butter! Jimmy got the white chocolate flavored jar and I hoarded the rest for myself 🙂

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea –> This was a first trimester staple for me! It helped with my queasiness and had a great peachy flavor.


Best baby products on Amazon

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer –> I really like the mandarin scent and the fact that it doesn’t feel sticky or weird on my hands after I use it, if that makes sense. We keep a bottle right next to Sadie’s changing table and use it constantly.

Mama Bear Diapers –> We tried out the Mama Bear diapers when Sadie fit the newborn size and thought they were great! The price was also great, lol. I’ll probably order another pack soon to see how we like them in size 1.

Medela Quick-Clean Micro Steam Bags –> These quick-clean steam bags come in handy any time I have to pump because they sanitize pump parts in the microwave in three minutes. So convenient!

SwaddleMe Pod –> This little pod makes swaddling so easy! Jimmy and I love how Sadie looks like a little burrito all bundled up before bed.

Burt’s Bees Burp Cloths –> These are soft, thick, and absorbent. Those qualities check all my boxes for a good burp cloth, plus they come in adorable patterns.

Do you shop on Amazon? What’s the best item you purchased in 2018?



  1. What a fun idea for a blog post!

    Milk frothers are very important! I can see why you love yours so much. 🙂

    The Mama Bear diaper prints are so cute! They didn’t work well for us, but for the price point I really wanted them to, ha!

    1. You should totally do one like it! I love seeing what things you’ve enjoyed–especially baby stuff! Your posts on all your baby faves are ones I look back on a lot!

      I love the prints on the Mama Bear diapers! I am so curious about how they will work in size one, lol!!

  2. The white chocolate PB&CO peanut butter is so delicious! Target here has it too, which is easier than buying off Amazon. We also have a pull-out faucet for our kitchen sink and I love it, very convenient.

    1. Target and Amazon… my two loves haha! I love that Target carries the PB&CO peanut butters! I never realized how convenient a pull-out faucet is until we got one. I don’t think I could go back now!

      1. Definitely gonna have to check that out! Our keys hang on a little hook we jammed into the wall right above our light switch haha.

  3. This blog post is such a great idea!! I never thought about looking back on my favorite Amazon purchases, but we have used Amazon for nearly everything so it’s definitely a fantastic idea. I am addicted to Prime but I’ve been frustrated with it lately because a lot of products are advertised as on “Prime 2-day shipping” but then it won’t actually come for a week! So it’s FREE shipping, but not 2-day. First world problems, I guess, now that I write it out lol. However, I still think it’s ridiculous that they don’t enforce 2-day shipping anymore for all prime products considering the price for Prime membership keeps increasing lol. Anyway, Amazon still has my heart. XD
    I LOVE that you were able to get a faucet off Amazon; who knew?! Also, that outlet shelf is SO smart, oh my gosh. And the light switch key rack!! That would come in so handy. What great purchases, Allie!! You’ve inspired me to likely renew our membership again lol.

    1. Thanks, Courtney! You should totally do a post like it, as I’d love to see what your fave Amazon purchases have been in 2018!

      I feel ya on being frustrated with Prime lately for the same reason! They still have my heart, too, haha!

      1. I’ll have to look back in our orders to see if we have anything worth sharing, lol!

        Exactly, even though I don’t understand how they include listings in “2-day Prime shipping” even though it isn’t 2-day shipping, lol, I still keep going back haha.

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