Toe update

Hey! I’m blogging from my phone, so try to bear with me 😉

Vacation Bible School ended on Friday night and I was sad to see it end. I really had a blast hanging out at church all week and being an “actress.”



On Tuesday I went to the podiatrist and had an ingrown toenail removed. If you dislike blood and gross pictures, click off of my blog now…

Right when I got to the office, the secretary wanted my mom to sign me in because she literally thought I was 12 years old… Like she didn’t believe me at all that I am 20! Anyways…

The doctor gave me two really painful shots in my toe/foot to numb it. He then ripped out the ingrown toenail and cut off 1/3 of my toenail.

The most painful part of the actual procedure was getting the shots. My foot is still bruised! The other terrible part of the removal was the recovery. Once the numbness wore off it hurt pretty badly. My toe continued to bleed and it was tough for me to walk.

I was able to take the cast off the next day and soak my toe in an iodine-type solution to clean it. I was so afraid my pets or family was going to step on my toe! It took me about two days to be able to get my foot into a shoe without extreme pain. The worst thing was trying to sleep. My toe would pulsate with pain in the night and I would wake up crying. It was just a rough couple of days!


I was especially nervous to take my healing toe on vacation with me. I’m currently in North Carolina with my immediate family, boyfriend, neighbor, brother’s fiancé, grandparents, and uncle. I didn’t know if sand would get caught in my toe or if salt water would hurt, but I’m happy to report that I’m doing alright and even back to a little bit of running! Woo!



Well, that’s all I’ve got… Just wanted to update a little. Today I visited a church here, went the the beach, and out to eat. Now I’m headed to the beach with everyone for some night crab-catching muhahah!

Hope you’re having a blessed week 🙂


  1. OUCH!!!! Man that must’ve hurt like the dickens having that ripped out, but I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend and having fun in North Carolina 🙂
    Enjoy the adventures crab catching!

  2. Sorry about the toenail. I remember in middle school, one of my friends had one and he had it removed, same type of procedure and it sucked, but he was okay a few days later. I’m glad you’re still able to enjoy your vacation, wish we could meet up since you’re only one state away, you’ll have to come to Charleston one day!

  3. Hope your toe is feeling better. When I had ankle surgery, the nurse flipped when I signed my anesthesia consent form…she thought I was 16 not 27.

  4. Oh my goodness, you POOR THING! That is just NO fair!
    Getting one of those is a fear I have and I am never sure how to prevent it!

    PS- It’s not ENTIRELY wrong that I wished I could have gone to y’alls VBS.
    But then…wait. I was thinking I would just sit with the kids and get to watch but…maybe you would even let me be an actor?? One can dream.

  5. Oh girl, I hear you. The shots were definitely the worst part of the surgery when I had it too! I actually passed out with the first one and Christopher nearly passed out watching me get it (apparently the needle is a bit much). Yeah, no fun at all! Hope your toe heals quickly!

  6. Ouch!! Oh my goodness I hope you’re feeling better! And I hope you and the boy got to catch up – you look so cute on the adirondack chair 🙂

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