I’m currently blogging from the great outdoors. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be sitting outside just chillaxin’ on my back porch!That’s my extra happy face… with absolutely no makeup on.


Now onto the point of this post:


Tomorrow is my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. They are currently celebrating in the Florida Keys. They left on Sunday and I talked to them today–they’re having a ton of fun.

I’m home with Hannah. And four needy pets.

Things that happened this week (so far) that make me appreciate my parents:

  • Our golden lab had diarrhea all over our basement. I almost puked cleaning it and then I realized I didn’t want to clean puke and diarrhea. Little did I know that I would be cleaning puke within a few hours.
  • Our cat puked twice. Once in the kitchen and once in the hallway.
  • The same cat peed on a bathroom rug. 
  • I found a bug in my bed. I laid down and felt a tickle on my elbow… turns out it was a bug. 
  • The fire alarm started going off because the battery died.
  • Hannah forgot her math book so she couldn’t figure out her homework and I know nothing about math. 
  • The “Check Engine” light in my truck appeared.
I know it probably sounds like I either make my pets really sick or I’m complaining. I’m not complaining (and I really hope I don’t make my pets sick!).
I have always known that my parents deal with all of the aforementioned issues but I never really appreciated/understood everything they do until I had to do it all at once by myself.
So mom and dad, if you’re reading this… I haven’t burned the house down yet! I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do for me. Happy anniversary, I love you!


  1. Oh snap! Rough times house-sitting! You are not complaining, just stating the facts. Which, in my definition, suck!

    Your parents are a beautiful couple. I’m glad they are celebrating their marriage in style!

  2. I feel ya on the puke. Some people just can’t handle things like that. The other day, we had a kid throw up during track practice and I saw him and conveniently offered to time while another coach checked on him.

    Congratulations to your parents on celebrating 25 years. They definitely deserve the trip to Fla! It’s always nice to see long marriages work out these days because so many do not.

  3. Oh man sounds like you’ve been through the ringer! Your positive attitude rocks though, I don’t think I could’ve handled a bug in my bed!
    Congrats to your parents!! That’s so amazing 🙂

  4. Hahaha this post cracked me up! The extra happy face PLUS dog bowel movements = awesome stuff! I honestly never thought being a parent would involve so much of other peoples poop and we don’t even have pets! Good luck house sitting & congrats to your mom & dad – we Hulls love your family! Yayayaya 25 years!!!

  5. give your parents a biggg huge hug! you’re so lucky to have parent’s that love each other so much! my parents just celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary on April 26th. Then, on April 29th, I lost my father unexpectedly. Cherish these moments you have with them because you never know when it will slip away!

  6. It’s funny how when the parents go away, the pets decide to cause chaos. Ha, ha! I’ve been in a similiar situation!! Happy anniversary to your parents and I hope things calm down for you!

  7. I love blogging outside! That’s the only thing that I miss about my old townhouse…the deck! Our new place only has a front patio. 😦

    Aw, I feel so bad for you! I hope things start turning around soon…that’s a lot to handle on your own! I hope your pets are feeling better!

  8. Well, now that I’m crying my eyes out, thank you!! I love you so very much, and Dad and I are so blessed to have a daughter like you (unfortunately cat & dog puke & pee come with the territory of house sitting @ our crazy house- sorry :/) you have grown into such a beautiful, caring, responsible young lady, and such a great role model to your little sis (and me at times!) see you soon baby girl ~
    I love you with all my heart.
    ❤ Madre ❤

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