It was nice

My winter break was so nice. I’m quite sad to see it go.

I go back to school tomorrow..yikes! I looked at my schedule and I still have no idea where some of my classrooms are, but I know everything will pan out and I’ll be fine after the first 2 weeks. I just get nervous to start a new semester! What will my professors be like? Will all of my classes be hard? What if it snows and I can’t drive to class? What if I get sick? When I start freaking out about all of those questions, I just take a step back and pray. It makes me feel better :).

Pictures from my last days of freedom:

Bible study with Jimmy! (Yay.. this was a part of my 2012 goals/resolutions.)

Snuggling with Lola<33

Folding laundry with the family cat, Callie.

I washed my truck, inside and out. FELT AMAZING!

I went to masters swimming on Saturday morning! Hence the wet hair..

Jimmy & I went to IKEA to look for a TV stand for his room. We were so lost and confused.

Jimmy got what he wanted! A TV stand thing!


Having a lot of December and part of January off was so nice. I think I really needed the break to just relax and have fun after a tough semester.

Now it’s time to hunker down for the spring semester. I have some fun things coming up soon though. Like races, a possible job opportunity, and lots of church activities (TURBO TUBING!).

Today is my last day of freedom. I’m going to church and then doing something I’ve been wanting to do my whole entire breakice skating! Huzzah!


Have a great day 🙂


  1. Hope you have fun ice skating! I tried it on the cruise when I went this summer, but I was really freaked out with it! Not my cup of tea, but I hope you enjoy… I will stick to warm weather activities, haha. Good luck with finding all your classes too!

  2. Have fun ice skating!!! I never did that before (and obviously can’t do it now) but it looks like so much fun!

    And new semesters are always a nervous time. I’m in the same boat, too, because I start student teaching. Eeeeeeek!

  3. Ikea confuses the hec out of me. Especially if you try to cut corners instead of going through the maze. Those clever Swedes! Have a great time ice skating!

    Btw, Lola and Callie are totally cute fur babies (:

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