This post is important

I promised everyone this would be an intense post. I will try to make this short!

I’m not going to Seton Hill anymore. At all. 

Say what?! Let me explain.

Waaaaay back before my 2nd semester at Penn State (PSU), I had planned on transferring to Seton Hill (SHU). I made sure to contact the transfer counselor at SHU to confirm that my 2nd semester classes at PSU matched up and would transfer.

She told me that all of my credits but 1 math class would transfer to SHU. Not too shabby!

Everything went swell. I got a scholarship for running and once I moved into Seton Hill I got an iPad and was scheduled to get a Mac. One week had passed since the move-in and I was enjoying the college life.

This past Friday was orientation. I went to meet with my academic advisor at SHU and she told me that only 9 of my credits from Penn State would transfer to SHU. I took 30 credits at Penn State.

I was shocked. They had told me that all of my credits would transfer. Was this real life? Apparently so. I talked to my parents and cried. I decided that I wasn’t going to give up all of the credits that I worked so hard for at PSU.

So Sunday I moved out of SHU and withdrew on Monday (the first day of school for both PSU & SHU). I had to drive there, return all of my cross country gear, return the iPad, return my books, return my laundry key, and room key. The cross country coach was upset with me and didn’t treat me well at all.

After driving home from Seton Hill I immediately went to Penn State (at 1:00 PM) and enrolled there. I quickly scheduled my courses and made it to two classes on Monday by 2:00PM (I missed two in the morning though..) plus I dropped $412 on books in the book store.

I didn’t get to schedule all of the classes I NEED because I had to schedule on the first day of school but I’ll take what I can get.

Monday was CRAZY. I was enrolled in one college in the morning and enrolled at a different one in the afternoon. My emotions were tested and I miss all of my friends on the cross country team but I know God has a reason for EVERYTHING! I never had a problem with PSU and I’m excited to be back.

“When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, LORD, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” Psalm 94:18-19 



  1. Wow. Allie – you have been through a whole lot in the past couple of days! I am so sorry to hear that your credits did not transfer as you were first told they would. I think that is pretty sad that the school gave you completely wrong info. 27 – or 9 .. UM kind of a BIG difference!
    You seem to be handling the changes well though – and really worked hard to get yourself to where you need to be. I would have done the same thing. 30 credits is a lot.

  2. I think it’s for the best. I dunno, the vibe I got from the cross country coach was always fishy. Anyway, that’s upsetting and I’m sorry your credits didn’t transfer. I can’t believe only 9?!! Would?!! That’s crazy.

    I think you can still get the classes you need. The first week, people tend to drop and more often than not, you will get the classes/times you want.

    Are you goal going to swim at Penn?

  3. Oh wow, sounds like you had a crazy eventful past few days, no wonder you haven’t blogged… totally forgiven!!

    That stinks that they told you the wrong thing about your credits transferring. You would think colleges would know things like that because people transfer all the time, it really shows what kind of school they are that they don’t work with transfer students, at least to let you know that it wouldn’t transfer so you could’ve decided before committing to XC, moving to SH, and registering for classes.

    I really don’t blame you for leaving because losing 21 credits is a lot. It’s not like you lost 6 credits or something that you could make up, losing 21 credits is over a semester’s worth of classes and would make it take longer for you to graduate… and yeah most people probably would have stayed bc a lot of people really do value athletics over education.

    Glad you were able to get back into PSU and register for classes there… maybe you could still get into some of the ones you want/need for a degree there, I know here the first week you can drop/add classes, don’t know if you could do that there but it’s worth a shot.


  4. Wow Allie, holy schmee. I am thinking of you girl. That is such a big difference of classes and honestly that is almost an entire year. I think you made the right choice. You can run on your own and do just as well girl. You are truly amazing and look amazing too!

  5. Oh my word. You must have the strength of an army to mentally survive through that turmoil, I can’t believe all you’ve gone through! Glad you could get back to PSU, God sure is looking out for ya! 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh girl!!! I’m so proud of how you handled it all. That’s a lot of emotions on one day. And you’re right everything happens for a reason! Good luck at PSU 🙂 I know you’ll do awesome (again) 🙂

  7. You know what, I read this and my first thought was, things are finally working themselves out. You’ve been saying for months that you knew God had a plan for you and would reveal it, and I take this a huge sign.

  8. Wow.
    It doesn’t even come across on this post how HARD that must have been…this must be. OI love that you are a woman of faith.
    He’s got your back.
    All things together for good, amen?

  9. Oh my goodness, Allie! That is so much change in such a short time! I’m so sorry to hear that things did not work out as planned. God will see you through this!

    I’m praying that everything works out! This is going to be a great year for you! I just know it!

  10. Oh my gosh! I would be a stress-case if that happens to me. Way to stay positive with it, though! Again, wow. Hope the semester goes well at PSU. 🙂

  11. oh man! what a day/week! I am so sorry you have had such a stressful chain of events, Allie!! 😦 boo boo boo!!

    good for you for getting through it!!
    that is ridiculous that they lied to you………what an awful situation!!

    Hoping you are able to calm down and get some rest soon.
    I’ll be thinking of you! Hoping you get into the groove okay!


  12. Wow, so that is really intense!! I am so sorry that you had such a stresfull time 😦 Hope everything is ok and you are really enjoying being back in the old school.

  13. You poor thing! That is SO stressful and I can’t imagine going through all that! But you’re facing this with a great attitude and you’re a strong girl! Just keep trusting God with your life and decisions. Everything will turn out for the best. I just know it! 🙂

  14. Oh my girl that is insanity. BUT you handled it wonderfully and I KNOW you made the right call. Don’t give up all that hard work and keep trucking along. We are thrown curve balls like this to help us. I know it was a pain in the bum though!

    And hey, we are fellow PSUers again!

    Love love love you!

  15. You are a brave soul! It’s amazing how fast we can make huge life changes when the pressure is on. You definitely worked too hard and paid too much money to let 21 credits go down the drain!

  16. Wow, that wold have been so difficult! I would have just stuck it out. You are a very brave girl to drop everything and move back. Good luck!

  17. Ay! I just read the newest post then came here… OMG! That’s horrible! Why they changed what they promised you?? They should have informed you about the credits BEFORE you moved in. But great job on your first reaction. There’s no way dropping all the credits that you earned! I’m glad you executed your decision so fast and so well. Now really good luck with another adjustment! Your life is like a rollercoaster, but you can do it when you are young!!! You will talk about this a year later as if it was a joke. 😉

  18. I’m so sorry!! But it seems like you are handling everything well! It also seems like maybe this is a better fit, you will do amazing where every you are! It isn’t about where you get the degree its about how hard you work FOR the degree!

  19. Allie, you have been through so much! I think you made a very mature decision here, and I am sure that it was hard to do, since it meant leaving CC.
    So sorry your coach did not treat you well. That is unfortunate since he/she should hold academics above the sport.
    No doubt God has plans for you in all of this!

  20. Hey girl I am rather behind it seems because I just read this post! I can’t believe the credit business, that is absolutely ridiculous… I mean they told you they would carry over! Ugh.
    I think you made the correct choice and I want to thank you for sharing this with us… it shows that a change of plans can be handled quite well 🙂

  21. I had missed this post and was wondering what had happened. I’m a fan of public schools. I hate when private schools say “you’re just a number at a state school,” because that’s not true. Also, you won’t be in debt until you’re 83 years old scholarship or no scholarship. Enjoy PSU!

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