Hannah, food, and packing for college

I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches. Psalm 119:14


Hi everyone! Thanks for the kind words about the doctors visit post. I forgot to mention that I may be put on a prescription for lactose intolerance (though I would rather just avoid dairy..) Also, my knee has felt pretty good the past two days-but i’m still not running!


My little sister, Hannah, turned 13 on August 10th!!

Hannah (on the left) looks so grown up!! We went out for Chinese for her b-day dinner.

Other foodie pictures:
Zucchini! I got a free HUGE zucchini from a fellow church member….

My baby.

Hannah wanted banana bread for her b-day instead of cake. RANDOM!

You know it… sweet potato fries!

Sweet potato-lentil soup + rice cake w/ SSB + green beans

My personal favorite as of late… Pizzadilla (pizza + quesedilla)


That’s all for today… I have been packing and hanging out with friends before I leave. I may do a post tomorrow on all of the stuff I have packed for the big move!

What should I not forget to bring to college?!



  1. Pizzadilla looks so good! 🙂 And belated happy birthday to your sister! You both look cute as usual 🙂 When moving to college, I always used to bring my own kettle, bed sheets, a big supply of oats and nuts, and if you live in a very noisy college, do it as my roommate did and bring earplugs :))

  2. Happy Birthday Hannah! You are such a good sister making her banana bread and celebrate together. 🙂 I tried to remember how I was when I was 13… I hardly remember but I was geeky and not cute like Hannah! 😉 Pizzadilla looks goood! Good luck on packing! Exciting new life is waiting for ya!

  3. Don’t forget to bring things to make your dorm room more home-y. Picture frames of family and friends, a favorite blanket for your bed, etc.

    Also, those little rubbermaid containers that have drawers are lifesavers for staying organized!

    When do you move?

  4. Agree with Laura – you will totally need pictures/posters… and plastic drawers. Also – even though youhave a suit with a bathroom – you will need shower shoes and maybe a little caddy for your shower stuff! Also bring a little desk lamp – you will want another source of light besides the ugly fluorescent lights on the celling! My George Foreman grill was a savior when I had my own kitchen in my apartment senior year (otherwise the were not allowed.. so double check that) good luck packing. It seems like yesterday I was getting ready for my first move into college… but it was 7 freaking years ago!

    Oh – an area rug makes things homey – especially if the floors are tile!

  5. MINI FRIDGE! I somehow went my entire freshman year without one, and I don’t know how or why. Such a necessity for when you just can’t eat dining hall food anymore! I also brought a travel mug in the dining hall with me to get cups of coffee to-go. That may or may not have been allowed 🙂

  6. That pizzadilla looks wicked cool 🙂 And happy belated bday to your sis woohoo!
    I can’t wait to hear more about your college voyage! Hmmm I’d say don’t forget family pictures, food, stuffed animals, and your pillow!

  7. A crockpot. Seriously though you can make some bangin meals in the crockpot to get away from the cafeteria food. I mean it’s good for awhile but then it gets old.
    And pictures of your friends/family, your favorite blankets, and slippers/flip-flops

  8. I would always forget the most crucial (but seemingly trivial) things… like my computer power cord or the TV remote. Since I was an RA throughout grad school, I moved in an out of the dorms 12 times total – craziness! Definitely a stressor that I don’t miss.

  9. I would say the one thing you can’t live without are decorations! Also you need chairs and places to sit, like a beanbag or something, because you will probably want to have people over to your dorm and not want them all sitting on your bed. And, one of those little cases that clips to your keychain and holds your College ID, some money, etc. I had one of those in college and wouldn’t give anything for it.

    I’m sure there are more things but I’ve been out of college for 4 years now (wow, I feel old) so I’m forgetting something.

    Yay for celebrating your sister’s birthday with banana bread and Chinese =). You guys really do look a lot alike too and it’s awesome that you’re so close despite the age difference.


  10. Healthy snackage! And something to flavor water with (think Crystal light or something) in case the tap water is nastyyyy and then you don’t have to drop crazy cash on bottled! Laundry detergent!

  11. Happy Birthday to your sister!
    Things not to forget: sticky wall things and hooks to hang stuff up, mini fridge/microwave, healthy snacks- pretzels, cereal, energy bars, crystal light, popcorn… let’s see what else: backpack or bag for walking around campus, COMFY SHOES, sunglasses, sun screen… I am the worst at packing, I literally bring my whole room with me 🙂

  12. Your sister seems like such a grown up and mature 13 year old! And I think I’d choose banana bread over cake, too. Unless you were decorating my cake. You decorate some bomb cakes. Can you fondant/frost banana bread? That sounds like a good solution 😀

    Don’t forget a few reminders from home! A favorite pillow, some family pictures, a few meaningful doo-dads. You can buy all the rest there if you forget something!

  13. Happy Birthday Hannah – I love seeing your smiley face and you are the luckiest girls in the world to have eachother as built-in best friends.
    PS- I have zucchini envy.

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