Short post- cake pictures!

Hannah’s summer party was a success!

All girls. All crazy!

The treats I made were successes as well 😉


I also made an Oreo cream pie (but forgot to take a picture) and chocolate covered pretzels

I have many more pictures to share but I don’t want to be posting too much during this beautiful holiday weekend that God blessed us with!

Talk to ya later 😉


Have you made anything fun or super tasty for the 4th?! Alexandra made some amazing red, white, and banana pudding!


  1. That cookie cake is so cute! and the pretzels look delicious!

    I once made a flag cake…white frosting, strawberries for red stripes and blueberries for the blue part

  2. Cute cookie cake! That was sweet of you to do for your sister. I hope you have a great 4th! We def are blessed to live in America where we have too much food, a roof over our heads, awesome running shoes, schools,….i could go on and on, but so thankful I live where I can read my Bible, and thank God for blessing me Way more than I could ever thank him for. I’m sure you agree. 🙂

  3. Cutest. cake. ever. Do you want to come over and make me cake/oreo pie/chocolate covered pretzels? 🙂 Happy 4th!

  4. Choclate covered pretzels are my all time favourite snack. sweet and salty is the best combo

  5. Oh my, that´s just the prettiest cake ever!!! You would be a really good cake decorater, wouldn´t you? I see a carreer path for you being created right here 🙂

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