Photo shoot + race results

Little sister had a Hawaii themed party on Saturday to go to so I took a picture of her.


The 5 mile race on Saturday went well. I may do a post on the cause of it cause I was practically bawling my eyes out the whole race. It is a really sad story.

The course was tough with one HUGE hill. But I feel like I always say that! Oh well.

Time: 35:00 Pace: 7:00 Place: 1st in age group


Today consists of church, food, and hanging out with Jimmy.

Peace out & have a lovely day 🙂


  1. Wooo woooo! Congrats on getting first! That’s awesome! 🙂
    Jimmy did an awesome job. The bench looks so good!

  2. Holy bananas he made that bench?! Wowza.

    Congratulations on the race. I get choked up by various causes too. Especially when you meet the people and learn the story behind them. It’s okay to get emotional!

  3. That dinner is glorious 😀 I just love corn on the cob!
    Sorry to hear about the sadness in the race, but I’m excited you did so well, that rocks!

  4. Awww, your little sister is so cute! Happy Birthday to her!
    Congrats on coming in 1st for the 5 mile race! 7 minute miles for 5 miles is crazy! You are awesome! Those killer leg muscles probably help a ton! Haha!

  5. congrats on the race–yay! also, your dinner looks amazing. i’m eating Eggo pancakes for dinner…haha.

  6. You and your sister are both really pretty:)
    Summer is the perfect time for consuming watermelon in unreal amounts! Just enjoy it:)

  7. You took a very nice picture of your sister. And she is a quite good photographer too! I like your jump. WHAT? Jim made that bench from scratch!? I think we need him here… 😀 Your dinner is awesome!

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