Heinz Ward

Honest knee injury update

Every doctor I go to for my knee basically says i’m fine and that my knee is okay to run on. If the doctors I see keep telling me that it is fine to run on my knee- why do I keep hesitating? Why am I not running?

I’m beginning to think that my injury is mental. Maybe i’m burned out? Maybe i’m a baby about pain. Maybe I don’t want to be serious about running. I don’t know!

Yesterday I went to my regular orthopedic doctor and he checked out my MRI

 He said I have patella femoral syndrome or tendinitis in my knee. I have taken over 2 weeks off but he said I honestly can run when ever I want. I don’t know how to explain that I just want to run without any pain. I can’t remember what it feels like! I fell in love with running in high school and it is kind of sad to not be able to do something that I really enjoy.

So the doc gave me a perscription cream to rub on my knee 4x a day.

If this doesn’t seem to help me i’m going to get a much debated medical procedure done. It is called “platelet rich plasma therapy.”

Basically, I get blood drawn and then the platelets get seperated from my blood by a special process. Because the platelets are “healing” I will get those injected with a 5 inch needle into my knee to heal it.

Yeahh. *gulp* I’m hoping this cream and more rest will help. This procedure is very new and very much debated because no one really knows if it works for all injuries. The Pittsburgh Steeler’s Heinz Ward had this done on a pulled tendon and he healed quickly.

So.. i’ll see how everything works out because this procedure seems sketchy to me + it is expensive.

Do you ever feel like an injury can be more mental than physical?

WHat do you think of platelet rich plasma therapy?!