Food on a cruise

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1


It probably isn’t a secret that food on a cruise can be pretty amazing. It can also be known as being pretty rich or fattening. I figured that I’d do a lil bloggie post on my experience with cruise food on the ship!

1st of all.. here are some foodie pictures from some of my meals:

Salad greens with chickpeas, ratatouille, sunflower seeds, and hard boiled eggs

Indian chickpeas with tofu in curry and cheese sauce with peas, rice, and a flat bread

Fruit plate!

Coffee with cream by the ocean

oats w/ honey and raisins, an apple with pb, grilled tomato, and a hard boiled egg

You can definitely eat unhealthy while on a cruise but you can definitely eat healthy if you want/try.

For each meal you have the choice to eat at the cruise’s restaurant or at the buffet. For breakfast and lunch I would typically eat at the buffet because it was quick and right by the pool.

For breakfast they had oats, grits, bacon, scrambled eggs, assorted pastries, fruit, and an omlette station. They also provided oj, apple juice, water and coffee.

For lunch they would set up a panini station, a salad bar, and a hot buffet of different foods each day. They also had a full dessert bar and offered lemonade, coffee, unsweetened tea, and water.

Dinner was different each night but was accommodated to everyone. You could always have an appetizer like salad, fruit, or what ever the chef made. Grilled chicken, fish, beef, and a vegetarian option was offered each night and some in may forms. (Ex: Fried chicken or grilled chicken, 3 different kinds of fish, pasta.. etc!) Dessert was also provided as well as a diet dessert made with a fake sweetener.

My remarks: I enjoyed all of the food and I loved the 24/7 access to any food (plus room service!) The only thing I can complain about is that many of the dinners didn’t have a lot of veggies and sometimes the vegetarian option focused on pasta + cheese instead of veggies!

I ate dessert with either lunch and dinner every single day and LOVED it! (You all know how I love to bake) I got a lot of ideas of things I would like to re-create. I tried SOME of the diet desserts and honestly, I wouldn’t recommend them.


So the moral of the story is that a cruise can be a foodies dream and it can be a healthy person’s dream to because of the many options 🙂

What has been your experience with food on vacation?

 I eat what I want because I know that I eat fairly healthy at home; if I gain a few pounds I know they will come off as I go back to my regular eating habits.



  1. I definitely don’t eat as well on vacation as I do at home (although I try to keep it fairly healthy), but then again when I’m on vacation I don’t really worry as much about it either. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for dessert re-creations! And yeah, diet + dessert? Pfft, if you want dessert, I say just GO FOR IT and make it the real deal. That Indian plate looks particularly good!

  2. YUMMY! You sure made some healthy, delicious choices on your cruise! I’ve never been on a cruise, but I have a feeling I’d have a field day with all of the food options haha 😀
    I’m especially obsessed with that chickpea salad, oh how I ADORE chickpeas 🙂

  3. So great that they had veg options! That would be my biggest concern since I don’t worry too much about what I eat on vacation 😉 It’s one week out of the year ya know? Nice to see all the fresh fruit for sure though!!

  4. Wow, that meals look so good and healthy! I have mostly bad experiences:) Maybe it is because I usually travel to vegan not-much-friendly places… But I had some really great meals while being in Norway, it was super exciting and super taste-buds-pleasing experience 🙂

  5. I love how we both did vacation food posts today!! Your eats look great! Veggies and fruit are definitely my savior when on vacation… I snack on carrots, apples, and the like. Try to have salads for one of my meals. You found some great healthy eats! 🙂

  6. It drives me nuts when all vegetarian options are carbs and cheese. Where is the VEGGIE in vegetarian, folks? haha I’m jealous of your coffee on the sea!

  7. Your vaca looks like so much fun! I love that you were able to enjoy yummy food and still be relatively healthy! I’m always scared of cruises for that reason, but you look like you made the best of both worlds!

  8. I usually love vacation food, but I was not impressed when I went on a cruise. Maybe I would have liked it more if I tried to eat healthier things. I went for splurges, and the cruise pizza/burgers/whatever just weren’t quite up to my foodie standards. Live n’ learn.

  9. Most of the time, I’m quite successful with finding good, healthy, and DELICIOUS options while on vacation!

    Now I MUST go on a cruise 😀

  10. Oh my god. Seriously the cruise food is the best. I always wish I could bring the chef back home with me. Would that be acceptable? ha. Actually I just want to live on a cruise. Now that would be the We could work together and be like health advocates. They had one on my cruise actually. HA-anywho.

  11. Love the healthy options they are offerings. I manage to eat the same where ever I go becuase I am easily satisfied. Just throw some steamed veggies at me and I’m good. I don’t feel deprived if I don’t get gourmet, stylish food.
    I also pack snacks.

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