A tail on a car

Yes… I saw this after driving home from a nice lil swimmy swim:

I think I should be on MTV’s True Life: My life is a joke. hahaha. Serious.

I went to the doctor for a yearly check up which resulted in this:

I had to get blood drawn because the doctor thinks I may have a thyroid issue like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism :/ she also wanted to check my blood sugars, etc. I should find out the results on Monday or Tuesday.

I want to share with ya’ll one of my favorite dinners! I made it for my dad and I after he came home from a business trip 😀

Salmon, sweet potato fries, and brussel sprouts! Yumster.

This weekend includes a sunny Saturday for Pittsburgh but I will be at work all day. So if you have sun in your city, enjoy it for me!

What is your favorite dinner?!


  1. Hahahahha. I laughed out loud in my empty classroom at the tail!

    I’ve been borderline on thyroid for a ocuple of years now..but never enough to need medication. Let us know how the tests come back!

  2. A tail?? bahahaha that’s so funny!

    Your dinner looks like an amazing feast! yummy 🙂 My all time favorite dinner is a shrimp/veggie stir fry with extra snap beans and broccoli!

  3. Back in my rural hicksville town in upstate NY, I’ve seen worse hanging from bumpers…I won’t go into detail, but trust me…haha. So funny!
    That dinner looks yummy except I’m not too big on brussel sprouts yet. Have a good recipe for them??

  4. Honestly? That’s seriously one of my family’s favorite dinners, except for the brussel sprouts. We usually make a simple spinach salad. Dad LOVES to grill salmon. It’s definitely our go-to spring/summer meal.

  5. No em Gee!
    I’m sorry about the potential thyroid shizzle, finger’s crossed.
    Oh, and NO-mg they didn’t with that tail. Hahaha. Love it.

    Love the corningware, as always. Like home.

  6. Ok, a tail on the car is one of the strangest things ever!! :))
    My favourite dinner, well if you handle me those brussel sprouts from you plate, you would make me very happy 🙂 Well, I love to combine some legumes, mostly chiskpeas or fava beans, a bunch of veggies and quinoa or brown rice, add some walnuts and drizzle in a tofu “cheezy” sauce..Yummy! 🙂

      1. The recipe would go something like this:
        1. pre-soak some nuts you prefer (I use usually almonds, but I got some great results with walnuts as well) overnight
        2. blend the tofu block either with a blender (more work) or food processor (less fun – I am kidding 🙂
        3. add nutritional yeast to blended tofu to the taste (I like to add more, but some people find it too “intense”)
        4. add a drizzle of fresh lemon juice
        5. add presoaked almonds and blend again until receiving a really smooth consistency
        6. eat 🙂

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