colored pens

Things that make me happy

A list of things that make me happy. This is┬ádefinitely┬ánot an exhaustive list, but just things that I’ve been thinking of lately that make me happy.

-Dunkin’ Donuts french vanilla k-cups
-Colored pens (specifically uni-ball!)
-Hot showers
-The smell of laundry detergent
-Knowing that I’m unconditionally loved and supported by my family
-Having time to read books for fun
-The fact that it’s almost spring
-Seeing a friend after she was away for over a month
-Peanut butter
-Yankee Candles, all of them
-Cooking soup
-Laying on the couch with my dog
-Eating cornbread
-Crocs (sorry, the’re so comfy)
-Brainstorming birthday gifts for loved ones
-Studying my Bible and highlighting almost every word
-Not setting an alarm
-Changing into sweatpants after wearing jeans all day
-Heating blankets
-Stapling a finished paper

Tell me something that’s made you happy lately!