Author: Allie Zottola

Sadie at Five Months

Sadie is a little over five months now and this is the first official update I’ve written for her! This was so much fun that I’m already looking forward to writing her next monthly update and seeing how she has changed and grown.

Here’s a bit about Sadie at five months ūüôā

Baby smiling in Chicco carseat with hoodie

Growth She was 13lbs 10oz at her last visit to the pediatrician on 2/15, so I’d guess she’s around 14lbs now. She was 24 inches at her four month check up, so she’s somewhere around there with her height!

Wearing It all depends on the brand and type of clothing! She’s in some three month onesies, 3-6 month outfits, 6 month sleepers, and size 2 diapers.

Eating She’s still exclusively breastfeeding, but she’s very interested in food! She sits with us at the dinner table and is constantly reaching for our food and drinks.

She has reached the age where she’s very distractible while eating. I usually have to make sure our environment is quiet and shoo the pets out of the room because they distract her and we end up with milk everywhere, lol. She also still refuses to take a bottle. I guess the plus side of that is less cleaning and sanitizing?!

Baby trying to eat peanut butter jar

Sadie is excited to start eating peanut butter soon!

Personality¬†Sadie is very pleasant! She freely smiles at strangers and makes the cutest squealing sounds when she’s happy. She’s the happiest first thing in the morning and wakes up very smiley.

Nicknames Sader Tot, Tot, Totling, Tottle Berry, and Todd. Tot turned into Todd because I said it weird one time and now we occasionally call our poor daughter Todd (sorry Sadie!). We call her Tot the most, though.

Sleeping Sadie generally takes three naps a day; one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and a quick snooze in the evening. She goes to bed around eight and is up to eat about three times in the night… I don’t usually keep track of how many times she’s up because I’m so groggy at that point, haha.

We try to start her off sleeping in her crib and then she ends up in bed with us. I could write a whole post on this because before we had Sadie, Jimmy and I were not¬†co-sleeping with our baby, and here we are… co-sleeping with our baby haha. Fellow parents, do you have any tips?

Baby girl sleeping in dad's arms

Looks like Her dad! Her hair is light brown (it was pretty dark at birth), her eyes are gray-ish blue or hazel/brown depending on the lighting or what she’s wearing, and her complexion is darker than mine and Jimmy’s, lol.

New skills She can roll from her front to back, grab her toes and put them in her mouth, and is a pro at putting pretty much anything in her mouth.

Likes Mavis (I should say love; she is infatuated with Mavis), Lola, Malcolm, toys that light up and make noise, her jumper, screens (her absolute favorite thing to watch is this Baby Macdonald video by Baby Einstein on Youtube), mom and dad, other kids, bath time, being lifted in the air, puppets, reading books with flaps, music, standing (with someone holding her), and grabbing her toes and sucking on them.

Baby in Aristocats outfit

Dislikes Not being held, being put in her carseat, pacifiers, bottles, sleeping in her crib, overstimulation, and feeling tired or hungry.

Favorite Products Lift-a-flap books, Bright Starts activity gym, Comotomo teether, Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit, Stacking Rings, LeapFrog My Pal Violet, Taggy blanket, Bee Crawl Toy, Hedgehog Rattle, Zoo Hand Puppets,¬†Bug-A-Loop Teether, stuffed puppy, Mama Bear diapers, and activity jumper.

Other Notes¬†It seems like Sadie is teething–she chews everything and we think we can see white at the bottom front of her gums. Time will tell! Her hair has grown enough that I can put it in a mini ponytail or clip and it’s adorable.

Baby with spout ponytail

She went through a phase where she hated tummy time, but now she tolerates it if she has entertainment. She has been to the library and shopping a lot lately… #winteractivities. We’re looking forward to warm weather in the coming months so we can get outside and visit the zoo and parks!

I believe that’s everything for Sadie’s five month update! We are absolutely loving Sadie. She is such a wonderful little baby and brings us so much joy. We still can’t get over the fact that God blessed us with her sweet little soul. Parenthood is such a great responsibility and the best gift we’ve ever been given ‚̧

More Sickness, Eggs, and Other Fun

Just when I thought we were all recovered from our recent sickness, I came down with a head cold over the weekend. Man! Who is ready for spring?! This cold and flu season has really gotten the best of us with Sadie’s ear infection, the stomach flu, and my cold.

I missed the baby shower I was supposed to go to on Saturday, but I still managed to get the funfetti cookies I baked delivered to the shower.

Funfetti cake mix cookies

I missed out on church on Sunday, too. I had a fever on Saturday night, so I didn’t think it was a good idea to bring my germs into the church nursery the next day. I always miss being with our church family when we’re sick or away. Our time at church is like a refreshment from the world each week, if that makes sense. I’m really looking forward to feeling totally normal and being with our people later this week!

Speaking of cookies, I also made graham cracker chocolate chip cookies over the weekend. They were good–Jimmy even said they were blogworthy–but I think they need marshmallows. So, basically I want to make s’mores cookies. I’ll share the recipe if I pick up some marshmallows and try again soon!

Okay, onto the topic of eggs.

Farm fresh eggs

My sister-in-law’s future father-in-law (did that make sense?!) has a chicken coop and gives away the eggs. My SIL casually asked if Jimmy and I would want some and I think I scared her by how excited I got. Of course we want local eggs!

I had my first egg on an english muffin for lunch today and it was delish.

Other fun things of note:
-Sadie and I did a puzzle together at the library.
-Jimmy and I are slowly working on getting Sadie to sleep in her crib at night. This has been so helpful.
-On the nights we manage to get Sadie to sleep in her crib before we go to bed, Jimmy and I have been watching Hallmark movies together. We like to laugh about the plot and how cliche it is, but we’re enjoying our alone time so much!
-I just started reading this book and I’m enjoying it so far.
-Jimmy and I are going bowling with our church this weekend and I’m excited. I’m horrible at bowling, but it’s so fun!
-We dressed Sadie in a dinosaur suit over the weekend and we’re still cracking up at how cute/funny she was in it.

Now onto a few pictures to go along with the fun things of note!

Baby and mom doing dinosaur puzzleBaby and dad in dinosaur outfitBaby girl and dad in dinosaur suit

Okay, this post officially feels all over the place! As usual. I feel like that’s a post in and of itself; I feel all over the place since having a baby. It’s amazing and wild and such a learning experience.

Speaking of babyhood, Sadie just woke up from a nap so I better finish this post! She turned five-months-old yesterday and I’m thinking of actually writing an update on her for once… yay or nay? I always enjoy reading them on other blogs, and I’m sure I’ll love looking back on it. Let me know what you think!

Are you excited for spring?

Do you like bowling?