Author: Allie Zottola

Currently: August 2019

Current book(s) I finally got a new Bible! After going back and forth and not knowing what I wanted, I settled on this one and I absolutely love it. I’m reading the book of Daniel at the moment. Still reading this, almost finished with this book on modern maternity care, and Sadie is enjoying this lift-a-flap book.

NIV Women's Study Bible

Currently feeling Totally freaked out that Sadie turns a year old next month. Fastest year of my life.

Current laugh I used Snapchat filters on my parents while I was at their house recently and scream laughed (my favorite type of laughing) at the one that makes a guy look like a girl. My dad as a girl = hilarious.

Dad with girl snapchat filter

Current blessing Medical care! Sadie and I got hit with the thrush monster (again!). We last had it when Sadie was a newborn, so I almost forgot about how painful it is. This time, it started to turn into mastitis, which was not fun. Thankfully Sadie’s pediatrician and the midwives I had her with were quick to prescribe medicine and give advice. Living in a country with excellent medical care is a blessing that is not lost on me. So thankful.

Current craving A trip to the pet store with Mavis and Sadie. We’ll see if I’m brave enough to wrangle the two of them 😉 I think it would be a great little outing for us girls.

Current fun My parents and I took Sadie swimming at their local YMCA and it was so precious to watch her swim around with my parents!

Grandpa and baby swimming

Current beauty product I was using and loving this Aveeno exfoliating facial scrub but ended up making an emergency trip to the eye doctor recently because one of the exfoliating beads got stuck under my eyelid. I still get the heebie jeebies thinking of the eye doctor flipping my eyelid up and getting the little bead out. She recommended I switch to something without an exfoliant, so I’ve been using this face wash and it’s great!

Current joy Being a family with Jimmy and Sadie. Most of our family pictures look like the one below and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Family picture fail

Current food Roasted red pepper crackers from Aldi. I’m slightly obsessed.

Current baked good I have a hankering to make corn bread or corn muffins.

Current drink Iced coffee. We’ve had our Keurig for six months and I just used the iced coffee function on it for the first time the other day. What was I doing with my life?!

Iced coffee from Keurig

Current baby product Baby dolls! Anyone remember these old school dolls?! My sister gave Sadie one of her old dolls and she’s so sweet with it! She hugs it and whispers to it. We save it for car rides since she hates getting in her car seat, lol.

Current goal Using my phone less. I’ve been trying to use is as little as possible and it’s so freeing and really helps me stay present.

Current excitement We’re having Jimmy’s family over for dinner this week to celebrate his brother’s birthday. One the menu? Grilled pizza!

Tell me something current from your life!


Highs and Lows in Parenting

Whew, we had quite the day earlier this week. It started out completely normal… until we had an ambulance at our house.

Baby girl smiling while sitting in grass

Sadie was hanging out with me in our bathroom and fell backwards and hit her head. She falls all the time, so it wasn’t too big of a deal. She cried pretty hard, so I picked her up and snuggled her in my arms until she stopped.

About a minute or two later, I looked at her and she had blood coming out of her mouth. It was on her hand, her shirt, shorts, and face. I tried to check in her mouth to see where the blood was coming from but couldn’t find anything. I started freaking out and decided to call 911 because I wasn’t sure if she had a concussion or why she would be bleeding from her mouth after falling backwards.

The 911 dispatcher told me to call back if Sadie became unconscious and said an ambulance was on its way. Within a few minutes, we had a team of paramedics checking Sadie out and asking about what happened. They had me try and open her mouth and inside her upper lip we found a cut. I have never been more relieved for my child to be cut in my life!

The paramedics offered to take Sadie to the local children’s hospital but I declined since we had figured out she was bleeding from the cut in her mouth and not from a head injury, lol.

Sadie was playing on the kitchen floor while Jimmy and I were eating dinner that night and she stood up and took her first steps.

Baby girl smiling in shoe store

What a roller coaster of a day. I went from worrying that Sadie had a concussion to witnessing her first steps just hours later. If I’ve learned anything about parenting, it’s that the highs are higher and the lows are lower.

I would do anything to never have Sadie experience hurt–physically or emotionally. At the same time, I know that’s not realistic in this world and the trials of life develop our character. The lows of parenthood are tough. The highs, though? Wow. It’s amazing to watch this little being that God has blessed us with. We see her grow, learn, and develop right before our eyes and there’s nothing like it.

Just like God develops the character of our children through tough times, He develops their parents right along with ’em through all the highs and lows ❤