Pray for Lauren

Hey there! I don’t have too much to talk about today. I think my brain is fried from studying.

I did want to share something I saw on the news yesterday morning.

Model Lauren Scruggs was severely injured in a plane propeller accident. The 23-year-old fashion model and editor lost a hand and suffered lacerations to her face when she walked into a plane propeller Saturday. Lauren was in surgery for six to eight hours, where her hand was amputated and her face reconstructed. As terrible as her injuries are, an aviation specialist says that she is lucky to be alive.

I realize that having this type of accident is terrible, but I feel as if it is especially saddening that the injures she faces may effect her career. Lauren’s parents were on the news and said that messages of support can be sent to Lauren and her family via CaringBridge.

Please keep Lauren in your thoughts and prayers!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I read about this yesterday, and my heart just broke for this girl. Her life is definitely going to change, and I love that you included a link where we can add encouragement for her and the family.

  2. What an awful accident! I hope she heals quickly and is able to recognize that the accident doesn’t have to define her life and she can still be as beautiful despite how she may feel due to and surgeries, etc. Definitely praying for her and her family!

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